5 Stellar Examples of When to Use a Spinner Display

A spinner display or spinning display case offers several advantages, allowing you to effectively showcase your product and draw customers in to take a closer look. While a spinner display is appropriate for several different products, we wanted to take a look at five distinct, stellar examples.

5 Great Ways to Use a Spinner Display

1. A Spinner Display Is Effective for Smaller Objects.

It’s easy for smaller items, such as jewelry, to be lost in the shuffle of other products. A spinner wire display case enables you to house several of these pieces in a limited amount of space.  This type of display also enables you to customize wire grids to help ensure your product is secure and to indicate when you need to update or replenish your inventory.

2. A Spinning Bookshelf Creates Easy Access.

Brochures, booklets, greeting cards, and even the latest paperback novels can neatly nestle within a spinner display. This type of design has several advantages:

  • It makes the product easily accessible.
  • It can house many items in a small amount of space.
  • It effectively showcases the information in a manner that is easy to read.
  • It invites the customer to interact with the product.

3. Spinners Make Great Countertop Displays to Capture the Impulse Buyer.

Don’t overlook the power of the impulse buyer. According to CNBC, customers spend a whopping $5,400 a year on impulse purchases, and many of these are made at the checkout.

Spinner displays showcase smaller objects in a manner that eliminates clutter from the checkout area. This paves the way for impulse buyers by displaying the items in an organized environment, according to information from Shopify.

4. Spinning Displays Help Customers Select Sunglasses or Reading Glasses.

The latest fashionable shades or reading glasses are products that you must “try before you buy.” A spinning display allows you to present sunglasses and reading glasses in a way that is easy for potential buyers to remove and return. You can also add mirrors so customers can see how they look. Spinning displays allow you to separate glasses in rows according to shape, size or magnification.

5. Spinners Are a Good Way to Display Varieties of Similar Food Items.

So many Doritos, so little time.

If you’re a fan of this snack, you know it comes in multiple varieties to suit your taste. A spinner display is a perfect way to group similar items together while still being able to separate them by flavor.

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