8 Elements of Captivating Book Display Stands

Want to sell more books? Take a closer look at your book display stands.

Many things have changed in the world of publishing, but the desire for a good “beach read” while on vacation isn’t one of them.

Just as online shopping was mistakenly declared the end of brick-and-mortar stores, electronic readers such as Amazon’s Kindle were believed to spell doom for the traditional publishing industry.

However, the truth is more nuanced.

Paper books have demonstrated that they’re not going anywhere soon, and in fact, there has been a steady 3 percent increase in book sales over 2017 according to Publishers Weekly

A huge factor in determining a successful sale for a novel is to incorporate captivating book display stands as part of your retail marketing.

Here are 8 things you should consider when creating your book POP display.

8 Elements of a Book Display Stand that Works

1. The display showcases books “facing out.”

Publishers put a lot of money and time into developing captivating covers, so why hide one of a book’s strongest marketing assets?

Take advantage of book display stands that allow you to feature the cover because this will grab more attention than books with only the spine showing.

A good display provides plenty of breathing room to let the books make their own artistic statements.

2. The display utilizes different angles.

Eyes naturally gravitate toward different or unusual angles.

Displays that take advantage of this will win over those with less compelling configurations. Be sure that convenience isn’t sacrificed for creativity; the display must be able to keep the books upright and easily accessible.

3. The display utilizes sturdy materials.

Since many book displays are in heavy traffic areas, a wire display or wood display will be sturdy and provide the most return on your investment.

4. The display utilizes rotating tiers.

These are also useful for a comic display rack as well as book display stands.

Rotating tiers can triple the available product space, allowing customers to see all items easily and quickly. These are also good displays for ensuring that the book’s cover art steals the spotlight.

Rotating displays come in a wide variety of styles and can be as versatile as the books themselves.

5. The display contributes to the theme.

Imagine that you want to create a beautiful display for the latest romance novels. You might want to consider a display in bright colors with cutout elements that mimic the cover art. It’s also possible to create the display in the shape of a heart.

Whether you’re selling the latest thriller series or you want to draw attention to new children’s books, let the display reflect the “spirit” of the product you’re selling.

6. The display invites the reader to take another look and touch the product.

Remember, there’s a reason that the consumer has decided to buy the book instead of download it on Kindle. Many paperback advocates will firmly declare that they like the texture of a book in their hands.

According to Forbes magazine, this is part of a relatively new discipline called haptic marketing. Haptic marketing focuses on leveraging the power of touch to secure a sale.

7. The display takes advantage of cross-selling.

Cross-selling means encouraging a consumer to buy a product that complements the one he or she may be considering. This is not only convenient for the consumer; it’s profitable for you.

Did you know that Amazon states that up to 35 percent of its revenue comes from cross-selling? You’ll see this in the “Frequently Bought Together” or “Customers Who Bought This Also Bought” sections.

A captivating book display should include cross-selling. For example, a comic display rack may be sold alongside waterproof covers so consumers can protect their purchases. Book displays can be accompanied by bookmarks or reading lights.

8. The display should take advantage of current trends and popular topics.

Some of the hottest Hollywood movies were based upon books, and if there’s a big box office blockbuster, you should include the original novel in your display.

Even better, if there’s a big event like the Oscars, make sure your display’s books get top billing by selecting biographies of many of the featured actors.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. For example, a book featuring a trendy topic—such as home improvement—could be accompanied by other useful volumes on closet organization, interior design and even how to make basic household repairs.

McIntyre Manufacturing Has the Expertise to Make Your Next Book Display a Best-Seller

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