Retail POP Displays that Deliver Results

best pop display characteristicsIt’s not enough to have a great, innovative POP display; you need one that delivers quantifiable results. After all, isn’t that the purpose of a retail POP display in the first place? At McIntyre Manufacturing, we believe in a results-oriented approach to meeting our clients’ needs, whether they need one large display for showcasing the latest power tools or a small check-out counter display to hold candy bars.

If you look at POP displays that deliver results, you’ll notice that they have a lot of the same five characteristics:

1. They align themselves with the brand messaging

A brand is much more than a logo or a slogan. It represents the very principles upon which your company was founded. Companies such as Apple, Nike and Coke make sure that any display involving their products adheres to their branding guidelines.


2. They tell consumers what they need to know and do

This could be the tagline, information about the item, or what results customers can expect from the product. While this may be obvious with food or beverage choices, it’s more useful when promoting items such as tools or other products that have many different uses.


3. They use eye-catching color that matches the tone of the product

It sounds almost ridiculously obvious, but POP displays that get results are the ones that get seen. You may not need to use a bright, neon color to get your product noticed, but you do need to use all the appropriate tools at your disposal to make your product stand out.

Some things you should consider:

  • Where will your display be located? Often the location can influence what size, shape, or color would be most effective.
  • What is the lighting like? If you don’t think the ambient lighting will work to your advantage, you have the option of using LED lighting to guide your customers’ eyes to your product.

If you aren’t sure, please talk to us! We’ll be happy to help you devise a useful strategy.


4. They invite customer interaction

If a customer can’t get to your product, he or she can’t purchase it. The most successful POP displays invite potential buyers to touch, feel and interact with your product. While this may not be appropriate in every case, we do know that an emotional connection usually precedes a purchase.


5. They aren’t copycats

Don’t follow trends — what may be perfect today may be out of touch tomorrow. Don’t mimic your competitors – you want your message to distinguish yourselves from the crowd. Great POP displays don’t merely repeat successful techniques. They examine those techniques and improve them, taking their POP retail display to the next level.


McIntyre Manufacturing can help your POP display get results

We’ve helped retailers promote every type of product you can imagine. Not only can we help secure your vision, but we can help you refine it to take advantage of all of the options presented here.

Are you ready to see results? Contact us and let’s get started!


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