Keeping it Local! Our Products Are Made in North Carolina

can I get a custom display manufactured in north carolina USANorth Carolinians know how to tell a good story.

Can you blame us? Behind every outstanding achievement there’s an inspirational chronicle about the men and women who made it possible. Storytelling ranks right up there with basketball and barbecue as one of our favorite pastimes.

When you have a longstanding tradition of excellence that spans more than 30 years, you want to tell your story.

We have several things to be proud of, from our specialized POP displays to manufacturing our products locally; we invest in our clients, in our community and in our outstanding team of employees. Our history exemplifies everything we stand for, and that’s why we love to share it.


From metal shop to manufacturing powerhouse

John McIntyre loved to work in his small, backyard metal shop. In 1977, he started a metal parts business in his backyard woodshed. His philosophy was simple: teamwork, dedication and excellence were behind every detail and every product.

Word quickly spread about his excellent work, and soon that woodshed was too small to house what became a booming business. You see, John McIntyre understood one thing that so many businesses misunderstand: Clients appreciate genuine customer service and uncompromised quality.

Fast forward 30 years, and we’re still applying these principles—they’re at the heart of all we do. That’s why it’s so important for us that our products are manufactured in North Carolina. We can design, manufacture, ship and even warehouse projects all from our North Carolina location. By keeping everything under one roof, we can carefully monitor every step of the process, ensuring a quality job from start to finish.


Manufacturing’s impact on North Carolina

We’re also proud to be a part of an industry that is one of our state’s main economic drivers. In the Tar Heel state, manufacturers employ 10.6 percent of the workforce; that adds up to an estimated 460,200 manufacturing employees. The industry created an output of roughly $100.7 billion in 2015.

The key to success? There’s no such thing as “one size fits all.”

We’re able to combine the best innovative technology with the tried-and-true methods that have stood the test of time. This enables us to take a closer look at what’s in the best interest of our client. You see, creating an excellent product isn’t enough for us. If there’s a more economical way to produce a product without sacrificing quality, we’ll let our client know.

Even our customer service is fine-tuned to meet each client’s unique needs. For example, does the client need warehousing? Would it be easier for our client to ship the entire product at once or over a period of time? Does the client want a POP display already assembled, or would it be better to send one in a “kit” with detailed instructions?

If you can dream it, we can design it. Our manufacturing staff works closely with our design team, which enables us to guide your project or POP display throughout the production process. We match your vision with effective solutions. We realize that POP displays are “much more than a pretty face.” They must help our clients sell their inventory and entice customers.


We want to be a part of YOUR story

Who you do business with says a lot about your brand. Your brand is a sacred trust that you’ve spent years, maybe even decades, cultivating. You want to work with a company that appreciates teamwork and quality as much as you do. We understand this. That’s why unparalleled excellence isn’t something we strive for—it’s something we accomplish every day.

Want to be a part of our story? Contact us.

Since 1977, McIntyre Manufacturing Group has created custom-designed displays with an uncompromised dedication to customer service. We utilize the latest technology and attention to detail to create the finest products with excellent craftsmanship. If you can dream it, we can create it. Contact us to see how we can bring your vision to life.


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