7 Keys to a Beautiful Plant Display

Utilizing plants with your POP display opens the door to a wide variety of versatility and artistry. These POP displays may be used in a home and garden center of a major retailer to showcase the various plants available. However, strategically placed plants can also bring an added dose of sophistication when implemented into a POP display for another product.

Regardless of whether you want your display to perfectly place a few cactus plants for visual impact or you need a streamlined way to showcase 20 pots of petunias, these 7 keys to an effective plant display will ensure that your retail business keeps growing. 

7 Keys to Beautiful Plant Displays

1. Carefully consider the type of vase or vessel that will be used and adjust accordingly.

While the greenery may be the centerpiece, don’t forget that the vase is also a major player in the POP display. First, establish if you’re going to use something like a classic terra cotta or something a bit more unusual and creative.

The vase you use will influence the colors and layout of your display. For example, if you’re showcasing a large amount of colorful plants, select a vase that is a complementary color or one that is understated so that it won’t compete with the multicolored blossoms. However, if you’re primarily selling greenery like ferns, then a vase with a nice dash of color will draw your customers’ eyes to the display.

2. Use tiered layering to give a sense of growth and draw the eye upward.

By elevating plants in a stair-step fashion, you accomplish two things. First, you help ensure that the larger plants on the bottom don’t get overlooked because they are incorporated into the design. Second, by using this arrangement, you can make sure that the heavier items are easier to reach, leaving the lighter items for the higher “stairs.”

3. Use a green wall

There are several different variations of this, but it essentially means establishing a wall of strategically placed shelfs or vases and filling them with greenery. It’s most effective when used against a white wall or some other color that will allow plenty of contrast. It’s a good way to liven up smaller displays that may be stuck in a corner.

4. Proper lighting

If your display is indoors, then it won’t have the advantage of natural sunlight that many lawn and garden centers have. If that is the case, be sure your booth lighting enhances – not overwhelms – the beauty of the plants.

5. Plan for maintenance.

Make sure the display enables you to easily access and care for the plants. Ensure that the water won’t become trapped in the display and make sure, if it’s located outside, that it’s made of durable material that can withstand temperature changes.

6. Don’t overwhelm your product.

Most flowers or potted plants don’t need your help to look beautiful, and doing too much may actually “guild the lily,” meaning provide too much decoration. Remember, this is one of those cases where less is more in design.

7. Use natural woods

Utilize natural hardwoods such as bamboo to complement the experience, making the display look natural and inviting.

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