5 Creative Ideas for Winning Retail Garden Center Displays

When flowers are in bloom, retail garden center displays showcase the best that Mother Nature—and retail stores—have to offer. With the increased demand for gardening products, you can’t afford to have a mediocre display.

During the pandemic, Americans showed an increased interest in gardening. Roughly 1 out of 3 participated in some type of outdoor gardening project. 

Going forward, the gardening craze may not see its pandemic levels, but a study from the University of Georgia showed that 1 out 10 planned to continue with the hobby moving forward. 

To stay in step and beat the competition, you need a winning retail garden center display that rises above the others.

We’ll give you five creative ideas that will help your profits grow and establish brand awareness with your customers.

5 Creative Ideas for Your Retail Garden Center Displays

1. Use Color to Your Advantage

If you’re showcasing beautiful, flowering plants, be sure that your display complements their colors in a way that draws the consumer’s eye. You can do this by creating a cascading display that showcases the hues in a manner from light to dark, giving the impression of depth.

Using a panel that matches the same color as the bloom can bring a powerful emphasis to help your creation captivate the consumer.

2. Use an Incline Display to Showcase Plants

This is very effective for spider plants, ferns and other similar items. The incline display allows these plants to be displayed in a manner that doesn’t crowd their branches. The upward direction creates the illusion of motion. This will make it a much more dynamic display .

3. Use Natural Wood

Did you know we can easily incorporate a variety of wood to your display? This can enable you to create a natural look for a display that pays tribute to nature, showcasing wooden trim and even natural finishes. This will serve as a stark contrast to other “plain” displays, making sure you stand out from the crowd.

4. Use Different, Atypical Shapes

Sure, you’ll see lots of square and rectangle-shaped retail garden center displays, but what about spicing things up with some round ones? Imagine elevated, rounded shelves customized to look like lily pads or an artist’s palette. Maybe you want to have a shape that imitates sunflowers. The possibilities are endless.

Sometimes, there are so many possibilities, it’s difficult to decide where to begin. That’s where our creative team comes in. With expertise in both artistry and engineering, they can craft amazing retail garden center displays that get you noticed. 

5. Create a Scene for Your Retail Garden Center Displays

Imagine relaxing on the patio in the afternoon surrounded by your beautiful plants. You recline in Adirondack chairs with a side table holding a glass of cooling lemonade. 

Why not incorporate that scene into your display?

We can create retail garden center displays that incorporate elements of everyday living, enabling you to create a “scene” that customers will easily identify with…drawing them closer and enticing them to make a purchase. 

Want some more information? Check out our earlier article —a list of 7 things to consider when creating a beautiful plant display.

When Should You Use Temporary vs Permanent Displays? Points to Consider

You should use a permanent display if you want something that will last longer. An advantage of permanent displays is they are more resistant to damage. Although they cost more than a temporary display, permanent displays are a great choice if there will be an ongoing promotion or permanent presence at a retail store. You should also consider one if you’re using it to promote an established product. If you need to change out the product for some reason, a permanent display will make the process smoother.

Temporary displays are ideal if you are doing a temporary promotion. They’re also perfect if your display will be moved frequently around the store. They’re also a good solution for displaying “impulse items” such as candy and gum near the cash register. Seasonal items will benefit more from temporary displays. 

Which Display is Better? Custom vs. Modular/Premade 

Many people will extol the virtues of a modular or premade display. While they may have some small advantages, these pale in comparison to the return on investment you’ll get from a customized POP retail garden center display. 

We’ll review a few of the reasons why you should always consider a display custom made for your company and product. 

3 Reasons a Customized Display is Better than a Modular or Premade One

1. It Helps Reinforce Your Brand

Your brand is much more than who you are—it’s an extension of your customer philosophy. It’s also key to your profitability. Studies have shown that presenting a brand in a consistent manner increases profits by around 23 percent. 

We go into more detail about this in an earlier article that outlines all you need to know about how customized displays reinforce your brand strategy.

2. It Allows You to Take Advantage of Up-Selling and Cross Selling

Through up-selling and cross selling, you can market complementary items or upgrades to your product. This not only increases your ROI, but it provides a great chance for consumer education. A customized display represents the best opportunity your company will have to tell the consumers why you are the best choice in a crowded marketplace.

3. It Enables You to Stand Out From the Crowd

Premade displays make it more difficult to be truly unique and incorporate unique artistic elements such as unusual shapes and creative digital elements. Through adding the prefect imaginative elements, and through processes such as powder coating, we can incorporate the perfect color to match your brand, ensuring your customized display is uniquely yours.

Let Your Retail Garden Center Displays Grow Successfully with McIntyre Manufacturing

Whether you’re looking for something to stand out at a retail store like Home Depot or Lowe’s or you want to craft something for your local garden shop, McIntyre Manufacturing has exactly what you need for a customized message that is uniquely yours. 

These five creative ideas represent just a small sample of what we can do for you. Through our team of engineers and experts, we can create a display to fit any space. And because our products are made in America, you won’t have to worry about your display being stuck in port due to supply chain issues.  

Contact us today to get started. 


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