Help Customers Steer Toward Your Auto Parts Display Racks

When it comes to enticing customers, everyone wants to be in the driver’s seat. 

The auto parts industry is extremely competitive. According to Statista, the motor vehicle parts stores and automotive dealers increased their sales from 2021 by 21%. In the U.S., motor vehicle and parts dealers generated revenue of almost $1.53 trillion from retail trade. 

But what does this mean for your auto parts display racks? It means to take advantage of this marketplace, you should implement ways you can harness the versatility of these displays to get noticed and to net sales. 

We’ll review some of the main ways you can harness the versatility of auto parts display racks to get keep your campaigns in drive. 

4 Ways Auto Parts Display Racks Can Work to Your Advantage.

  • They Clearly Showcase Inventory

We carefully design our wire auto parts display racks to accommodate any size of the parts you’re selling. This allows you to showcase them in a way that is organized and clear for the consumer—particularly if they are smaller parts that could easily get “lost” within a larger display. Auto display racks  also give you a clear idea of how much inventory is left. 

  • Use Pegboards for Display Boxed Parts

Because pegboards come with hooks, it’s simple to hang things from a freestanding display. They can also be used to easily hang parts from the wall.  

Pegboards are perhaps most useful in displaying small items that must be boxed. This allows you to maximize space while, at the same time, finding a way to clearly display your brand product. 

  • Metal Displays Can Provide Durability When You Need It

If you craft your auto parts display rack of metal, you’ve got added strength and durability that will last. This means you’ll be less likely to have to order a replacement for a damaged display.  Metal displays are particularly useful if they have to be moved to different locations throughout the store. Wire display racks are also models of long-lasting quality, and we go into more detail on how they can help you in our earlier article. 

  • Catch Customers’ Eyes with Consistent Color and Branding

Your brand is what makes you, you. Branding can be defined as how your product or company is perceived by individuals. It goes way beyond just a logo or color. However, your logo and official brand colors promote consistently and build upon audience familiarity.

At McIntyre Manufacturing, our creative team can implement your logo into a variety of auto parts display racks, and our powder coating ability means we have the exact shade to match your branding materials to ensure you’re presenting a unified message. 

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