8 Wire Display Rack Solutions for Tough Retail Display Problems

There are a lot of challenges in the retail display world. How do you get noticed? How do you create a durable display? And most importantly, am I doing all I can to ensure my display results in a sale?

At McIntyre Manufacturing, we’ve helped hundreds of companies facing the same challenges, particularly when it comes to wire display rack solutions. Therefore, we’ll take a closer look at some of the toughest retail display problems and how our wire display rack solutions can help you.

8 Wire Display Rack Solutions for Tough Retail Display Problems

Let’s tackle some of these tough problems and how our racks can be the answer you need. 

Problem #1: Your Display is Too Busy

Less is more when it comes to retail displays. Often, the clean lines of a wire display rack are the perfect solution to your problem. For example, if you have a lot of smaller products, you may wish to use a wire grid display to bring balance to the eye and establish a sense of order. 

Spinner displays are also perfect for this, as they allow the customer to focus on one section at a time before moving on to the next item.

Problem #2: Your Display is Hard to Manage

Does your inventory change often? Do you need to relocate it to the far end of the store? In each case, a wire display rack can simply be assembled or reassembled as needed. This flexibility takes a lot of the headache out of managing and placing your display.

Problem #3: You Don’t Incorporate the Rule of Three

We go into this in a previous blog about the power of the “Rule of Three.” But essentially, this is a design element that aligns the eye perfectly with your product. 

A wire display rack can be bent into shapes that create a statement and easily incorporate this rule into your display. It can be done by cascading levels, different angles, or even through spinner displays.

Problem #4: You Have a Lot of Inventory, But Not a Lot of Space

We touched a bit on this in #2 above. When you have a lot of inventory, it’s important that it be displayed not only in a manner that keeps it from being cluttered, but in a way that maximizes the space you have. That’s why the grids and shelves of a perfect wire display rack can be customized to fit the space you have available, whether that’s an endcap or as an impulse purchase item at the checkout.

Problem #5: Your Display is Too Complicated to Execute

Your display has arrived. 

What shape is it in? 

Has it arrived fully assembled, or are you battling with assembly and cryptic instructions? 

With a wire display rack, you have a simple, straightforward design that is easy to assemble and place on the floor. Of course, if you want to have your display delivered to you assembled, McIntyre Manufacturing can do that for you with our warehousing and distribution services.

Problem #6: Your Display Doesn’t Promote Interaction

Studies show that customers are more likely to purchase a product if they are able to interact with it. If your product is stuck behind cardboard or recessed in a flat display, it can make it difficult for the consumers to touch it. 

A wire display rack provides breathing space so the product can be front and center, allowing customers to pick up, touch and interact with it. 

Problem #7: Your Display Isn’t Durable

These racks are often the perfect solution to this problem. When you’re looking for a long-lasting display, a wire product can have several years of use. They are sturdy enough to withstand extensive wear and tear.

Problem #8: Your Display Isn’t Flexible

Is it possible that a display can have both durability and flexibility at the same time? Yes! Wire display racks are made of sturdy material, but they can easily be moved, reconfigured or transformed. New shelves can be easily added and hangers rearranged on a grid wire display.

McIntyre Manufacturing is Your Solution for Tough Display Problems

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