7 Signs Your Permanent Retail Displays Need a Refresh

Have your permanent retail displays lost some of their luster? Maybe your company has grown and developed since you created the display. Perhaps it’s looking a bit worn around the edges. Whatever the reason, you need to understand that your display can be the first impression someone gets of your company. This impression can possibly affect your profits. 

So, in cases like these, no detail can be overlooked.

Is it time for your permanent retail displays to get a face lift? We’ll show you 7 signs that it’s time for a refresh.

7 Signs Your Permanent Retail Displays Need a Refresh

1. Your Logo Hasn’t Been Updated for a Long Time

What was trendy 10 years ago has likely evolved dramatically. (Need proof? Just check out this example of how the Microsoft logo has evolved. )

It’s important to make sure your latest logo projects the image you want of your company. If your company has shifted focus, merged with another one, or even streamlined the products it offers, it’s important to take another look at your logo—and make sure all your permanent retail displays reflect the updates you make when you refresh them. 

2. It’s Well-worn (or Even Damaged)

While this seems like an obvious element, sometimes businesses aren’t aware that their displays may be showing their age as wear-and-tear builds up throughout the years. As a result, they’re sending the message that your company may also not be as polished and well-organized as others. 

We suggest replacing your permanent retail displays every 3 to 5 years or so. Sooner if they are showing obvious signs of damage. 

3. Your Display Follows Outdated Design Trends 

Remember: At one time, neon pink blazed across black and white squares was deemed fashionable. Likewise, graphic design changes and develops through the years. Make sure your graphics don’t become lackluster or, even worse, scream “outdated” to your customers. 

4. It’s Not Generating Results

The bottom line? You can have the most outstanding design in the world, but if it’s not producing the traffic and return on investment you need, then it’s just taking up space. Be sure to take a careful inventory of how well your permanent retail displays are performing and discuss the results with us. We’ll be glad to help.

5. It’s Too Generic

Does your display look like a template where the viewer can just imagine an “insert logo here” instruction? You want to be sure that your permanent retail displays are customized so they can maximize your branding message. 

We invite you to check out some previous, in-depth articles we’ve written that go into greater detail about these benefits, such as this one on customized display benefits of branding, and this one on why unique custom displays should always be a line item in your budget. 

6. It’s Not Taking Full Advantage of Up-selling and Cross Selling Opportunities

Whenever someone asks you to “supersize” a meal or if you want the latest matching iPhone case, you’ve been the target of up-selling and cross selling. 

Up-selling is when you want a customer to buy an item that is somewhat better than the one they are considering. For example, you may encourage them to purchase a computer that has more memory or a monitor with a higher resolution.

Cross selling occurs when you want someone to buy an item that complements their purchase, such as buying a helmet and bike lock in addition to purchasing a bike. 

If your permanent retail displays are not demonstrating that there are more facets to your products, you’re missing out on profitable opportunities. (Learn more about up-selling and cross selling here.) 

7. Your Display Is Too Distracting

On many occasions, less is more. 

Styles change, and over the years, a minimalist approach has been shown to be extremely effective with POP displays. By keeping the design clean and streamlined, you’re able to shift the focus of your customer to your product. 

McIntyre Manufacturing Is Dedicated to Crafting Your Permanent Retail Displays

It’s not enough to have a quality display. You need a display that gets the job done. This means you may need to take a look at your current customized POP display to be sure it’s providing the best ROI, drawing customer traffic, and taking advantage of all opportunities. 

Remember: If your display is worn or outdated, this creates a negative impression of your company.  Maybe it’s time to let our creative engineers and designers craft a fresh look that reinforces your brand messaging.

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