Your Ultimate Guide to Wire Grid Display Racks: 5 Things to Remember

If you’re looking for flexibility, portability and efficiency, wire grid display racks are an excellent choice. These simple, clean designs can be used to showcase everything from earrings to tools.

We’ll look at some of the distinct advantages of using a wire display rack for your next POP display and how it can help your bottom line.

5 Advantages of Using a Wire Display Rack

1. They’re Extremely Versatile

Wire racks can incorporate panels that can be added or removed to reflect the need or situation. This means not only will the grids easily work within the available space, but fixture components can also be rearranged to reflect new/ additional inventory.

This versatility further streamlines efficiency, particularly if you’re preparing for a trade show; the POP display components can be easily disassembled and reassembled frequently as necessary.

2. They’re Durable

Wire racks are incredibly durable, and because we use only the highest quality materials when creating them, you’ll find that they maintain their quality after extensive use. They won’t bend or break under the weight of your product, making them a perfect solution for displaying tools, mirrors, and other heavier objects. They’re very lightweight, especially in comparison to their strength. This makes them easier to move and store as needs arise.

3. They Can Be Beautifully Designed and Customized

A customized wire display rack can incorporate a variety of shapes and details if needed. Most often, the main advantage is that they provide a sleek, open, streamlined design that allows you to showcase your product. In addition, new fixtures can be created to accommodate any display item you need.

Our manufacturing capabilities enable us to design your display either as simple or detailed as you prefer. Our powder coating will also ensure that you have the exact Pantone color to match your need. We can work with you to incorporate your vision to take advantage of the distinct characteristics that make a wire display rack a good choice.

4. They’re Economical

Wire displays provide excellent value and high-quality. Combined with durability, a wire display rack is an efficient investment.

5. They Provide Easy Accessibility to the Product

We’ve already published some articles about how important it is for potential customers to be able to interact with your product. This aspect of consumer psychology means if your clients “connect” with your item, they’re more likely to purchase it.

McIntyre Manufacturing is the Logical Choice for the Best in Wire Grid Display Racks

Our manufacturing capabilities complement the skill of our experienced design engineers to create a quality product that rises above the competition. Our wire department utilizes CNC-controlled 2D and 3D benders that allow us to bend wire on all three axes; this keeps all the parts precise and repeatable. Our stock includes both bright basic, galvanized and stainless steel wire.

Whether you have a clear vision for your project or just a few ideas scribbled on a notepad, we’re here to transform your vision into a reality. Contact us for more information and see how our customized POP displays provide a great return on your investment.

Since 1977, McIntyre Manufacturing Group has created custom-designed displays with an uncompromised dedication to customer service. We utilize the latest technology and attention to detail to create the finest products with excellent craftsmanship. If you can dream it, we can create it. Contact us to see how we can bring your vision to life.