Say More with Less – Make the Most Out of Small Retail Spaces

Imagine that your company is about to rollout a new product, and you’ve just discovered that the amount of retail space available is dramatically reduced. How can you create dynamic custom POP displays when you’re limited to a small amount of space?

Our extensive experience has shown us that bigger isn’t always better. A tight spot doesn’t have to abbreviate your sales pitch. We’ve found several ways that you can express a clear message when square footage is at a premium.

1. Use your color palate to your advantage.

Lighter colors, grays, and neutrals seem to “open up” an area, often giving the illusion that the space is larger than it actually is. Utilize this principle with your POP retail display. Remember, if your company logo requires a bright, bold color, then make sure the rest of your POP design is subtle and understated so the customer isn’t overwhelmed by a variety of graphics in a small amount of space.

2. Make sure your messaging is concise.

Extensive verbiage is distracting even on larger displays. With smaller ones, it’s even more important to hone your messaging to be as clear and brief as possible. Make sure that the smaller display doesn’t sacrifice readability — be sure your message is clear and succinct in a font that is large enough to be easily read by audience who are “skim reading.”

3. Consider a wall or grid display.

Shelving, slat walls and grid walls are perfect for showcasing tools, accessories, and even clothing.

4. Utilize appropriate lighting.

We’ve already explored how LED lighting can enhance your display and your bottom line. Lighting is even more important in a smaller space. By creating a well-lit area, your customers’ eyes naturally gravitate toward your product.

5. Use spinning displays.

Spinning displays are perfect for books, cards, paper products, jewelry, and smaller items such as screws or nails. They utilize a minimum amount of space yet can display multiple varieties of your items. They also encourage customer engagement, something that is very important in helping you make a sale.

6. Make sure you’re making the most of vertical space.

Have you considered ceiling mounts? Perhaps a taller end display unit? Nesting tables may help convey the diversity or highlight various sizes of your latest products? Don’t limit yourself to thinking in a strictly horizontal fashion. Thinking out-of-box can lead to big rewards, especially when there is a small retail footprint within which to display your products.

McIntyre Manufacturing can help you determine the best strategy for the space available.

Need a POP display for a small space? We’ve got big ideas to help you showcase your product in a way that isn’t limited by square footage. Simply take a look at some of the floor displays in our portfolio to see how we make the most out of vertical space.

We’re not just the design company that can make your vision reality–we’re the design company you can trust with the integrity of your product. Contact us for more information—we’d love the opportunity to serve you.

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