Grocery Store POP Displays: Give Customers a Craving for Your Product

At one time or another, we’ve all gone into the grocery store for only three things and left with a shopping cart full of items that weren’t even on our list. According to customer surveys, we’re not alone.

Market Force, a customer service management company, conducted a survey that indicated:

  • 90 percent of consumers make one stock-up of groceries every week.
  • 70 percent make return, shorter visits to pick up any unplanned items.
  • Consumers preferred to go to their favorite grocery store rather than smaller convenience stories to pick up smaller items.

You can’t overestimate the effect of a valuable POP display in a grocery store—it’s a vital tool to drive sales and solidify customer loyalty. To help you rise above the competition, we’ve compiled some of the following tips and strategies to help you with your grocery store POP displays.

1. Let the food do the talking.

Use strong visual imagery to showcase your item as a part of a meal or recipe.

2. Location is still everything.

If at all possible, place your POP display near eggs, milk, and other common foods that need to be replenished often. As a result, more consumers will have to walk past your display in order to get to the items. Items on an end cap display tend to invite customers to venture deeper into the store, so be sure your information is colorful, prominent and easy-to-read.

3. Make sure you take full advantage of in-store sampling campaigns

It’s not enough to merely have a few pieces of cheese on a plate for shoppers to casually sample as they wish. You can use this opportunity to engage with your customers, meanwhile your POP display should reinforce your brand.

For example, if you’re giving customers the chance to sample your barbecue sauce, you may want to complement by providing a rotating counter display that provides different recipe cards featuring mouth-watering images to encourage consumers to take a closer look at your other products. If you will have a customer service representative preparing food or offering samples, make sure any displays do not create a visual barrier between the salesperson and the customer.

4. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

Imagine a giant ice cream cone in the frozen foods section, or perhaps a Halloween candy display arranged so that the colors create a giant pumpkin. Customers remember the unexpected, and the more time spent looking at your display means they are more likely to engage with — and ultimately purchase—your product.

All types of displays for a variety of products

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