The Secrets of Marketing to Millennials and Gen Z

You can’t afford to ignore marketing to them.

Millennials and Generation Z are making waves in the retail world. That trend is likely to continue. 

These powerhouse generations influence everything from your design to your marketing platform to your message.   

But what does it mean for your POP display strategy?

We’ll examine the important demographics and how they influence your marketing. 

What Does Generation Z Mean for Your POP Display Strategy?

Who Is Generation Z?

Gen Z is the generation that comes after the millennials. While Gen Z is not their “official” name, it’s currently the moniker used for those who were born between 1995 and 2014. (For comparison, the millennials were born between 1980 and 1994.)

Globally, Gen Z represents 2.6 billion people with an estimated $44 billion in purchasing power. 

Next year, they will account for roughly 40 percent of American consumers, according to Storefront Magazine. 

What Are the Retail Habits of Gen Z?

You’d think that the generation that invented the internet meme would limit themselves to online shopping. But that’s not the case. Sixty-six percent prefer being able to touch the product or try it on before purchase.

While they enjoy physical, brick-and-mortar stores, they are still connected to their phones. Roughly 45 percent of them will use Snapchat while they are in a retail store.

Gen Z also shows an affinity for pop-up shops. A pop-up shop is a temporary retail space that is part of an advertising campaign or marketing push. These stores are in place for less than a week. Their goal is to create a memorable experience that lingers in their customers’ minds long after the shop is gone.

What Does Gen Z Mean for Your POP Display Strategy?

You can maximize your display’s marketability to Gen. Z by:

  • Utilizing displays that are easily moved, disassembled and relocated.

This taps into the generation’s affinity for pop-up storefronts. By adding flexibility to your display, you’re ensuring that you can take advantage of these marketing opportunities in a way that is both economical and efficient.

  • Incorporating social media-worthy elements into your design.

Interesting shapes, LED lighting, and creative “outside the box” ideas don’t only catch attention—they’re also great fodder for social media

  • Using your display to encourage Gen Z shoppers to Snap or Tweet away.
  • Making sure your inventory is easily visible.

Gen Z will frequently check out your inventory online, make a decision about what they’d like to purchase, and then buy it in the store. 

Therefore, if you sell different types of a similar product, make sure your display is able to present them in a way that they are easily recognized. You should also use this opportunity to take advantage of upselling opportunities.

Capturing the Millennial Demographic

They have been praised as bold entrepreneurs and champions of change. In their world, they have no memory of the Cold War and have always known a phone that has internet and texting capability. (They likely don’t even remember a “landline.”)

They are millennials, and if your POP display is going to be effective, you’ll need to know how to market toward this demographic.

Who are the Millennials?

The millennials are generally defined as those who were born from 1981 to 1996. They now represent the largest generation in the U.S. labor force, where roughly 1 in 3 are Millennials, according to the Pew Research Center.

The Pew Research Center also indicated that millennials are close to overtaking Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest adult generation. Millennials represent more than $2 trillion in spending power.

3 ways your custom POP displays can appeal to millennials

  1. If you support charities and let people know about it

According to Forbes magazine, 70 percent of millennials will spend more money on a brand if it supports causes they care about. 

Why is this?

According to a report from CNBC, it’s because:

  • Millennials are tech savvy and are able to take advantage of online ways to give.
  • They are passionate about issues and support that passion by either volunteering or giving money.
  • They follow their favorite causes through social media. They have a vested interest in helping them succeed.
  • Millennials are more likely to see a charitable contribution as an “investment” instead of a donation.

So if your company donates a part of its profits to a charitable cause, make sure this is indicated on the display.

  1. Make sure your design implements elements of your online presence

Surprisingly, while most millennials will research an item on their phones, they will actually buy it in the store. Only one-third of millennials will make the purchase on a computer while 16 percent will make it through a phone or other mobile device.

So if your online store utilizes certain colors or themes, be sure to reiterate this in your instore POP display so millennials can easily find it. Remember: they have already done their research. Right now they want to find your projects.

For example, let’s say your logo involves a tennis racquet and a sun with your business name in orange. You’ll need to install these same elements in your POP display by:

  • Using the exact Pantone shade of orange for artistic elements in the display.
  • Using the same font and typography.
  • Reinforcing brand messaging. If your brand messaging focuses on how your racquet helps with speed, use crisp, wavy lines to create a sense of motion.
  1. Make sure any sales or discounts are prominently advertised

While millennials are faithful to brands—especially those that give to charitable causes they support—price is also an important factor. 

Two-thirds of millennials would switch brands if there was a discount of 30 percent or more. 

While all generations like a discount, the sheer number of millennial consumers in the marketplace means that your strategy is more vital than ever. Continue to showcase discounts in your display.

Millennials do more brand research online, and as a result, they are swayed by upselling and cross-selling.

While the end price may be more, if millennials see the economic advantage of add-ons, they will likely make an additional purchase.

McIntyre Manufacturing Can Help You Reach Gen. Z, Millennials and Other Target Audiences

When designing your display, we’ll work with you to create a POP piece that takes advantage of the principles described here. 

We’ve worked with businesses across the country to craft unique displays that targeted their primary customers, such as this piece from The Naked Bee. 

We take pride in our work, but even more important, we’re proud of our relentless dedication to excellent customer service. Not only will we finish your project on budget and on time, but we’ll often show you how you can save money through alternatives you may not have previously considered.

Dedication to Quality Speaks to All Generations

Whether you’re trying to reach the upcoming Gen Z or you’re searching for the perfect pop display strategy, we’ve got decades of creative experience that produces results.

That’s why we are able to easily incorporate features such as LED lighting into our POP displays. 

This means a stronger ROI for your product or services.

Let us show you how we create customized displays that are completed on time and on budget. Often, we can even find more economical ways to produce your POP display, saving you money. Contact us today. 


Since 1977, McIntyre Manufacturing Group has created custom-designed displays with an uncompromised dedication to customer service. We utilize the latest technology and attention to detail to create the finest products with excellent craftsmanship. If you can dream it, we can create it. Contact us to see how we can bring your vision to life.