McIntyre Specializes in Manufacturing PPE Products


It’s time to meet the challenges of a new world through custom solutions: hand sanitizer stations, workplace dividers, food delivery carts and more.

McIntyre Manufacturing is ready to help you.

You’ve already made major changes to prevent the spread of COVID-19—social distancing, making hand sanitizer available and even implementing lunch room carts to avoid crowded cafeterias.

Don’t you wish there was a way to make it easier? Someone who could quickly provide the tools you need to safeguard the health of your employees, students and clients?

There is.

McIntyre Manufacturing is ready to assist you by producing custom PPE products that will enhance your safety efforts. They are completely customized to fit your needs and specifications. Our line of PPE specialty items include:

  • Branded stands for sanitizer stations
  • Protective Plexiglass shields for workspace dividers
  • Sneeze guards
  • Customized food delivery carts for schools and cafeterias

Our designers work with you to provide the safety items you need on time and within budget.

Most importantly, we provide quality products quickly so you don’t have to wait. Your employees, students, and customers depend upon you to implement best practices to keep them safe. That’s why we offer some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

You need to keep your environment as safe as possible, as soon as possible.

And McIntyre Manufacturing will help you make that happen.


Branded Floor Stands for Hand Sanitizer Stations

customizable hand sanitizer stations for retail, grocery and officesWhen it comes to hand sanitizing stations, you already know you need something that is strong and stable. You also need a cost-effective solution that is easy to assemble. But what you want is for customers to see your brand and retail store as clean and safe. Our branded hand sanitizer stations do all of that.

McIntyre Manufacturing has on-budget solutions, whether you’re a small retail chain ordering 10 stands or a major big box store ordering hundreds of units.

All of our floor stands are:

  • Able to implement your brand messaging: Want to place your personal logo or a message on your hand sanitizer stand? We make it simple! Let your customers know that you care about them and their health through simple, effective personal hygiene messages.
  • Disability compliant: We ensure that the stand can be easily accessible for those who use wheelchairs.
  • Universal: We provide a perfect fit regardless of the type of hand hygiene dispenser you use.
  • Easily delivered: They can arrive at your store either fully assembled or with precise and easy-to-follow directions for simple installation.
  • Cost-effective: By ordering in bulk, you get the most economical value for an outstanding product.

Customers and Employees Expect Hand Sanitizer Stations in Retail, Offices, Schools

The Centers for Disease Control have emphasized the importance of using hand sanitizer to kill germs and reduce the chances of catching the COVID-19 virus. McIntyre Manufacturing supports you in your efforts to maintain safety and security in the face of this crisis.


Customized Lunch Room Carts to Transport Meals

custom food and bakery racks on wheels

Many schools and restaurants advise not eating in large cafeterias or lunchrooms anymore.

When school systems open across the country, they’ll be using lunchroom carts to deliver meals to students, enabling them to practice social distancing and avoid crowded dining areas.

It’s time to get a plan in place now before classes begin.

Our lunch tray carts:

  • Can be customized to fit any size or specification
  • Are made of sturdy, quality metal that resists corrosion
  • Are easily maneuvered through even the tightest spaces
  • Are economical, affordable and a vital part of your safety plans

Contact us with your specifications and our award-winning designers will create a piece that will fit your needs and your budget. By starting now, you can ensure your lunchroom carts are in place when school starts.


Sneeze Guards and Protective Workplace Barriers for Safety, Compliance

workplace barriers, plexiglass acrylic clear dividers for registers, cashiers transaction windowsThese have always been important safety tools, but now they are more vital than ever. The safety of your employees and your customers depend upon these barriers.

Whether you operate a pharmacy, manage a doctor’s office or own a retail store, these protective panels are critical when your employees need to be face to face with your customers.

We create Plexiglass shields customized for any shape, size or color with a variety of mounting options and cutouts for transactional needs.

Don’t delay. It’s time to get started. Contact us with the size and branding requirements and we will make a barrier that is sturdy but doesn’t obstruct vision. Simply fill out this form to get started.

McIntyre Manufacturing Is Ready to Help You Protect Your Employees, Students and Customers

Waiting is not an option.

The crisis that has gripped the world has already transformed how we do business, how we operate and the precautions we need to take throughout daily life.

You need to be sure you can support your efforts by having the right tools in place as soon as possible.

The health and safety of others are at stake.

Contact us today to discover how our hand sanitizer stands, lunchroom carts and acrylic barriers make your business, school or hospital safer.

See why we have so many loyal customers and have been trusted by industries for decades.

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