Case Study: The Naked Bee & Their Retail POP Display

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Case Study: The Naked Bee’s Updated & Expandable In-Store Point of Purchase Display Units

The Naked Bee provides high-quality, all natural products including lotion, lip balm, shampoo and soap. The company is also an advocate for raising awareness of the importance of honeybees to the natural ecosystem.

Display Stand Requirements

Officials at The Naked Bee approached McIntyre Manufacturing Group to upgrade and modernize the current version of their wood displays to highlight their brand and products. It was very important to the client that this new display was easy to assemble and to expand, addressing the concerns they had with their previous wooden displays.

From Design Process to Final Product

Our creative process started with our experienced retail design team, who created an extensive variety of sketches and renderings of different sized displays that accommodated products in various dimensions and product capacities. The key was to provide a clean and attractive aesthetic across the board. This resulted in modular, in-store retail display units made out of metal that effectively highlighted both the Naked Bee brand and their products.

After company representatives from The Naked Bee chose a design they liked, we forged ahead with our engineering expertise. We created a final product using only two types of material: one-inch tubing and sheet metal. By limiting the number of materials, we were able to keep the project cost under the clients’ budget.

Adding Value to Naked Bee’s Philosophy

We were also aware that the company emphasizes the importance of environmental responsibility, and we wanted to do everything in our power to honor that philosophy. Therefore, we carefully designed each part of the three-piece modular display to make the smallest footprint possible. This not only appealed to their audience, but it also reinforced their brand story while enabling the POP display to stay under the size requirements to ship via UPS or FedEx ground — saving our client money almost immediately!

Outcomes Above And Beyond an Increase in Sales

The overall result was higher sales and satisfied customers. In fact, The Naked Bee doubled their display orders from the previous year because of their customer’s positive response and anticipated increase in product sales. Needless to say, The Naked Bee was pleased with the outcome of their new retail display units.

oma award winning pop display

In addition, our display units won an award at the 2018 Shop OMA Awards. These awards honor excellence in design as well as successful results in increased sales and customer satisfaction.


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