Examples of Effective Retail Displays

In the world of retail, where products compete for attention, an effective and eye-catching custom retail display holds the power to captivate shoppers and leave a lasting impression.

 These examples of effective retail displays orchestrate a symphony of visual elements and strategic placement that entices customers, stirs curiosity, and ultimately drives sales.

What Makes An Effective Display?

 From the creative arrangement of merchandise to the innovative use of colors, lighting, and props, a compelling retail display seamlessly blends artistry and marketing prowess to transform a mere shelf or window into an alluring stage, where products take center stage and shoppers can’t help but pause, admire, and engage.

We Can Help Your Display Stand Out From the Crowd

This is a world our designers and creative engineers at McIntyre Displays understand very well. In fact, our entire process revolves around taking your concept from design to completion under one roof—saving you from the headache of dealing with multiple vendors. 

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at great examples and pictures of effective retail displays. As a result, we believe you’ll discover how their colors, messaging and overall designs truly benefit their brands.


Coloring Book Display Rack By McIntyre Displays



The key to an effective spinner display—like this one we created for coloring books— is to provide order and easy access. That’s what we took into account when we created this display.

What makes this retail display so effective is that the customer can seamlessly browse through the selections.  The supporting display is not obtrusive, allowing the product to be the star of the show.



Sometimes, you have to let the sheer artistry of the product speak for itself. That’s what we did when we created this spinner display for slap bracelets.

Slap Bracelet Candy Display Image By McIntyre Displays
Atollas Counter Display by McIntyre Displays

Notice how our design of a deep black, smooth background allows the product’s colors to pop and grab attention in a manner that is efficient, smooth and sleek.


The surreal nature of these cube displays cast a futuristic atmosphere at this world’s first technology retail Alipay flagship store. Notice how the lighted cubes project the feeling of technological innovation. (Designed by LYCS Architecture).

Photo by Xianjuan HU 
Retail Cube Disaply
Clark Street Mercantile Display

Clean, even shapes. The ability to see everything clearly at one glance. Bravo to Clark Street Mercantile in Montreal for a job well done.

Photo by Clark Street Mercantile on Unsplash

Real food. Real energy. That’s Kate’s Real Food slogan. Here, you’ll find that McIntyre Displays carefully crafted the customized retail display to be a cutout of the client’s logo. The clean lines allow the colorful product to take center stage—just the way we like it.

Effective Food Display by McIntyre Displays
McIntyre Displays Effective Tool Displays


As we mentioned earlier, allowing the customer to interact with your product can be the key to sales. 

We’ve created several effective displays that allow customers to get an up close and personal view—like this display we did for Armor Tools, where we have a shelf that allows customers to try the product.



In this example, we crafted the display as a silhouette of the product. Not only is this eye-catching, but it enables you to maximize your brand recognition. 

At McIntyre Displays, we believe in maintaining the integrity of your brand

Wine Bottle Display Rack Example of Effective Displays McIntyre Displays
Pure Fishing Effective Retail Display McIntyre Displays

We confess, we’re particularly proud of this display we did for Pure Fishing. For the fishing enthusiast, getting the feel and weight of your fishing rod is vital when making a purchasing decision. 

We made it easy for the consumer to interact with the product. 

Want to learn more about this display? Check out our case study

When you’re dealing with a counter display, you want to have the product easily accessible, and you want to showcase the inventory—but it must be done in an orderly manner that reflects the brand.

This Grabeez display we created shows the perfect example of form following function.

Countertop Effective Retail Displays
Three tiered display rack is an example of an effective display by McIntyre Displays


We at McIntyre Displays understand that mixing elements such as wood and metal can combine to create an outstanding product.

At the left is an example of one of our examples of effective retail displays. Notice how we seamlessly mesh the wooden trim  with the metallic elements. 

Floor displays are another important type of customized retail display. 

This example of a piece we did for Ingersoll Rand showcases clean lines, and accessibility that doesn’t overwhelm or confuse the customer.

Floor Display by McIntyre Displays as an Example of Effective Displays
Excellent Example of a Floor Display by McIntyre Displays

Pennington needed a display that showcased their Create a Scape product. We knew they needed something with clean lines, clear type, and a display that didn’t take away from the artistry of the product. 

We’re pleased to include our creation  as one of the examples of effective retail displays.

We understand that when it comes to the colors in your logo, close doesn’t count.

We’re able to exactly match the Pantone colors of your brand, as illustrated in this display we created for Clorox.

An Effective Retail Display Photo of Clorox Display
Effective Retail Display Photo of Clorox Design by McIntyre Displays

This is another display we created for Clorox. Notice how the splash of blue grabs your attention without being overwhelming. 

Striking this balance is something our creative and talented designers enjoy doing for our customers.


We confess—this display we created for Lenox was one of our favorites. You can read more about it and some of our other favorite customized display stand projects

A Picture of an Effective Retail Display for Lenox by McIntyre Displays
A Craftsman Display as an Example of an Effective Retail Display

Accessibility. This is an important element in any retail display. You not only want the product to be easy to reach, but you want to be able to clearly see when you need to stock inventory. This is the principle we had in mind when we designed this Craftsman display. This is one our examples of effective retail displays.


Counter displays do more than merely catch the eye of the impulse buyer—they are the perfect location to grab attention of potential customers. For this counter display we did for Dymo, we utilized the perfect symmetry of square shapes to complement the gray base.

A Dymo Counter Display is an Photo of an Effective Retail Display
A Photo of An Effective Retail Display for Naked Bee

To be clear: We’re not in this business to win awards. We’re here to help you get the most out of your customized retail displays by providing the best quality. We want to be a major contributor to your success. 

But winning awards is pretty great, too. Take for example this award-winning display we created for the Naked Bee. Want to know more? Check out our case study


We are especially proud of this Lenox display and how it captures the essence of the product brand. In fact, we wrote a whole blog about it. Check it out. 

Lenox Picture of Effective Display
Photo of an Effective Retail Display Garment Rack

When crafting a customized retail display, it’s vital to capture the “feel” of what the company does. In this case, we were able to create the compelling display racks for Alps and Meters. 


Don’t “freak” out, but here’s another colorful example of an award-winning display. We created this design for Freakers and earned accolades from the Shop! Awards

It’s a perfect complement to our series on examples of effective retail displays.

Freaker Picture of Effective Retail Display
Effective Retail Display for PPE

Good design is a given. Every product you have should reflect the integrity of your product. 

But can you pivot when things change? And do you have a company that will stick by you?

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, we created custom manufactured PPE for businesses and schools. This demonstrates that effective design must also have practical applications.

What makes this one of our examples of effective retail displays? The tiered approach makes this counter display easily accessible while, at the same time, using coordinated coloring to capture the eye of the consumer

Effective Retail Display Quench Counter Display
Glass Jars Effective Retail Display

There’s a lot to love in this craft and hobby display we came across. Notice how the colors perfectly mesh to easily provide an aesthetic, yet informative, experience for the consumer.


Floor displays present an opportunity to elegantly move the eye along the item. For example, look at this display we did for Primo. Notice how the shape gives the feeling of a wave of refreshing water.

Effective Retail Display of Primo Water
Effective Retail Display for Spiderwire

We’ll round out our list of examples of effective retail displays with this piece we did for Spiderwire. Notice how color plus organization equals an inviting display.

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