How to Reduce Retail Display Unit Shipping Costs

Keeping shipping costs under control for your custom POP displays is a key part of ensuring a healthy and prosperous business.

This is becoming more challenging as prices for warehousing and logistics services gradually increase.

According to The Wall Street Journal, prices have risen consistently and steeply. For example, in 2017, companies spent $250 billion more than they did on logistics in 2008. Right now, the total spending on logistics stands at almost $2 trillion.

Shipping costs are an absolutely critical component that should be considered when designing custom POP displays. We know that when your custom store displays are finished, the project is only half over.

We want to help ensure your success by working with you to establish an economical plan to deliver your product in the most efficient way possible.

Top Tips to Reduce Custom POP Displays Shipping Costs

Utilize batch processing.

It just makes sense: It’s better to make one large shipment than several smaller ones. If warehousing isn’t an issue, batch POP displays, and their needed accessories to avoid repeat shipments.

Consider shipping costs with the initial design.

We can help here. We understand the durability of the most popular materials used for POP displays, and therefore, we’re always aware of where real savings can occur. We’ll help you find material that is sturdy but lighter, which is an important option to keep in mind when designing your product.

Keep an eye on packaging costs.

We’re able to pack and ship your POP displays in a manner that takes advantage of the best packaging costs. Whenever possible, we look for the best options that will give you a great shipping rate.

Consolidate your items if shipping them to a trade show.

There are a lot of items you need for your trade show. From an inviting POP display to lighting, and even some giveaways.

With the exception of literature and swag (which we’ll delve into in a moment), it’s often simpler and cheaper to ship all the trade show booth items in one package. In addition, it’s more convenient because they will all arrive at the trade show at the same time.

Eliminate all unnecessary items.

We just stated that it’s important for all your trade show items for your customized POP displays to be packaged together, particularly if you’re using LED lighting or other additional elements.

However, if you plan on giving out a lot of literature and brochures, this can increase the cost of your shipping. Consider working with a local print shop near the location of the trade show to get these quickly delivered to the location or pick them up yourself once you arrive.

See if warehousing is a good alternative.

Sometimes, it’s not appropriate to ship everything at once. In cases like that, it’s more economical to warehouse the items to help bridge the gap between production due dates and delivery dates. We offer short-term warehousing and we’ll be happy to answer any questions about our distribution services.

Superior Quality and Economical Shipping

Whether you need to ship a completed, ready-to-display product or “knock down” custom store displays, we have extensive relationships with a wide variety of carriers, including major and small global couriers and LTL truckload carriers.

We understand that shipping can be a huge cost, and that’s one reason that we work closely with our clients to ensure they’re getting the best value. In many cases, we’ve helped clients identify places where they can save money.

Contact us today for information on how you can have your custom store displays completed on time, on budget, and with the highest standards of customer service.


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