Take Advantage of Special Occasions with These Five POP Display Design Tips

Christmas. Hanukkah. Kwanzaa. New Year’s Day. The end of the year and the dawning of the new one feature a steady stream of holidays, and many retailers capitalize on these special occasions. There are five main ways to ensure your retail POP display design takes advantage of these opportunities:

1. Use Your Retail Display to Confirm Your Brand Story

The red suit says it all. Santa’s bright jacket with white fur trim is one of the most recognized fashion statements on the planet. When you have brand recognition like that, use it to your advantage. If we were designing a display shelving unit for Santa (not that he needs one) we’d advise him to use the exact shade of red found in his suit on his display—not one tint darker or lighter. This reinforces the emotional connection we have with his message and branding. (We’d also point out that our powder coating capabilities enable us to easily match any color to the exact Pantone shade.)

2. Invest in a Temporary POP Display that is Portable

Whether you’re preparing for the Christmas shoppers or catering to sweethearts with a showcase of heart-shaped boxes of Valentine candy, it makes sense to invest in a temporary display that is portable. This enables you to easily rotate your retail display based upon foot traffic. In addition, it gives you the flexibility to move it to different areas of your store to complement a variety of holidays or special occasions. A well designed display may also give the retailer the option to store their display easily and compactly so they can use it next year.

3. LED Lights Lead the Way for Great Visual Merchandising

Stores often feature multiple, colorful retail displays during special events—and your POP display will be competing for shoppers’ attention.  LED lights can make a difference by guiding customers’ eyes to your product showcase. LED Lighting in both permanent and temporary displays are a great choice because it is both energy efficient and durable. 

4. Experiment with different surfaces and textures—particularly those that are easier to clean and maintain.

To get the most value out of your display, be sure it has lasting value. Use materials to create your display that are durable and resistant to wear and tear.

Different surfaces and textures can invite important customer interaction, but be sure they are easy to maintain. If your product is inviting consumers to interact with it, choose a finish that is resistant to fingerprints and smudges.

5. A durable POP display is a worthwhile investment

Is it time for a new POP display? Do the displays your current retailers use have dings on the corners, scratches on the surface or dulling paint? Give us a call!

We’ve helped our clients save money in the long run by making the most out of each POP display that we custom design. And when you need a place to store everything, we offer a wide variety of warehousing and national distribution services for our clients in the USA.

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