Stop Customers in Their Tracks with These Floor Display Ideas

The myriad of products and displays can create sensory overload. In this competitive economy, you have to constantly reach for the creative connection, one that appeals to both the consumer’s needs and emotions. Breaking the mold is the key to getting the best return on your POP display investment.

At McIntyre Manufacturing, we not only have the technical expertise to provide the highest quality products, but we also have some of the most creative minds in the business. We’ve compiled a list of dynamic floor display ideas that will help you stop customers in their tracks, ensuring that your product stands out above the crowd.

Use a corrugated cardboard POP display to create a work of art

Through the use or corrugated cardboard, you can create sculptures and other artistic items that interact with your product. Imagine a detailed, 6-foot, cardboard spaceship to display the latest action figures. Perhaps you could replicate a picnic basket or table and place setting to promote your food items.

Chandeliers, animals, giant chess pieces—the flexibility of this material means the possibilities are endless.

Create a scene that seamlessly integrates your product

Let’s imagine that your company makes a wide variety of power tools. You could simply create a floor display that neatly and prominently features them, but why not go a step further and create an entire scene?

If, for example, your company manufactures a wide variety of camping equipment, this is a perfect opportunity to set up a simulated camp as a floor display. You can easily incorporate your tents, sleeping bags, camp stoves and other products you want to promote.

By combining these products and centering them around a common element – such as camping – you can evoke the imagination of the consumer. Even better, you’re creating an experience that customers will carry with them after they’ve left your store.

This means that they are no longer merely viewing your product, they are imagining themselves using it.

Use unusual or unexpected shapes

Provide the unexpected. Consumers are used to seeing tall, narrow and rectangular displays, so an unusual shape will stand out and attract attention. Even better, create displays that seem to defy gravity — such as a bottle seemingly suspended in mid-air, “pouring” ketchup or soda.

Take advantage of texture for a complete sensory experience

Did you know that rubbing a rough surface can help people to empathize with others?

If you have any doubt about the impact of texture on consumer psychology, look no further than an article in the Daily Mail.

Researchers found that those who experienced mild discomfort – such as touching sandpaper – felt more aware of the plight of the less fortunate, and therefore more likely to make a charitable donation after feeling the discomfort.

Texture creates an emotional connection with the consumer, and taking advantage of that can help your display stand out from the competition.

Create a “selfie” situation

Does your product have a cute, beloved mascot as part of its advertising? Perhaps you’ve earned the endorsement of celebrities. Have you considered creating a life-sized cardboard cutout to accompany your POP display?

Many customers find it hard to resist getting a selfie with their favorite athlete or celebrity, even if it’s just a cardboard cutout. Even better, they’re more likely to share the photo on their social media pages, providing even more publicity.

With POP floor displays, there’s always more than meets the eye

POP retail displays are about more than housing a product – they are about engaging with the customer on a creative, emotional level that causes them to stop and consider your product. Remember, the vast majority of consumers make a large percentage of impulse buys; they may only be going to the store for milk but when they arrive, but before they leave they have a full shopping cart. Unusual and creative floor displays will help ensure your products are in their cart!

If you’d like more information, we’re have the creative minds and engineering expertise needed to take your displays to the next level. Contact us – we would love to speak with you about your project.

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