Nothing But Net – Building a Sports Display That Encourages Interaction and Purchases

While $13.5 billion is an impressive number, $14.5 billion is even more so. Expansions in the female retail market and the use of technology-driven retail enhances have caused licensed merchandise sales to rise by $1 billion to $14.5 billion in 2019, according to Forbes magazine.

This means that if you are creating a sports display, you should keep in mind that a large portion of your target audience is female, and you should look for opportunities to implement technology and innovation in your point-of-purchase creation.

An exciting, innovative display will help you maximize sales. In order to do so, it’s vital to understand that you’re attempting to appeal to fans, hobbyists and hardcore weekend warriors alike. We’ve got four helpful tips to assist you in creating a sports display that scores.

1. Know your audience.

Experts believe that expansions into the female retail market are causing this sports retail increase, so it’s important to understand how women shop. According to Forbes:

  • Women drive 70 to 80 percent of all purchasing decisions.
  • Regardless of who brings home the paycheck—or the largest paycheck—women still make most of the purchasing decisions for the entire household.

What does this mean for your custom POP display?

  • The principles of good design still apply. Don’t simply cover a display in pink and expect it to appeal to women. (The only exception would be if you were raising money for breast cancer research or similar cause.)
  • Your clients have likely already done their research. Clearly spell out the advantages of your product, referencing price and value.
  • Remember that women don’t want to have to sift through hundreds of choices. Instead focus on a few quality products that directly speak to filling their need.
  • Women are more likely to give to charity than men, according to Inc. magazine. If a portion of your proceeds go to a charitable cause, be sure to mention it on your display. 

2. Emphasize motion.

Everyone recognizes the Nike swoosh. This symbol conveys motions in a clear, concise manner. Likewise, use waves, lines and irregular shapes to promote the feeling of movement in your display.

3. Don’t be afraid to be artistic.

Imagine walking down the aisle and finding a sneaker display cleverly shaped like a football stadium. Or perhaps there are two goal posts with the product displayed in the center.

Creative displays have always been attention-grabbing, but by reproducing sports items or metaphors, you demonstrate to the audience that you know and understand their hobby, fan base, or team. This emotional connection can help drive sales.

4. Make sure your customers are able to feel your product.

An avid runner is going to put hundreds of miles on those shoes. There is no way he or she is going to purchase a pair without first trying them on, checking the treads, looking at the insole and giving it a close examination.

A basketball player wants to feel the ball in his hands. Perhaps you even have a small net –similar to the ones seen at carnivals –set up with samples of your product so shoppers can test how it feels in their hands.  Likewise, the tennis player wants to check the weight and balance of the racquet.

When creating a display, make sure the products are easily accessible and not located on a high vertical display.

You don’t want your display to get in the way of interacting with your product. Instead, use lines, height and color to direct your consumers’ gazes to the product in a manner that encourages hands-on action. Customers are more likely to purchase a product once they have established an emotional connection with it, and the sense of touch is important to create this psychological feeling.

Let us coach you toward a game-winning POP display

We understand the nuts and bolts of a project. Our state-of-the art equipment, design and powder coating have enabled us to create stellar displays that have helped our clients secure sales. However, we also understand how your POP display fits in the overall scheme of a marketing project, and therefore we will deliver it to you on time and on budget—in some cases we may even be able to show you ways of saving money you have overlooked.

Ready to get off the bench and into the POP sports retail display game? Contact us and we’ll discuss your vision.

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