Focusing on the Future: 7 POP Trend Predictions for 2019

No one has a crystal ball when it comes to determining future trends, however, through careful examination and study, we can determine which trends are going to be vital for customized POP displays to reflect in order to be successful.

We want to look toward the future and provide some of our POP display trend predictions for 2019.

7 POP Trend Predictions for 2019

1. Digital Elements Will Be More Important Than Ever

Expect to see more screens and videos implemented seamlessly into brand messaging and the customer experience. Moving digital signage is much more effective at capturing the viewer’s attention, and it also allows you to easily make changes depending upon upcoming promotions. This means your digital elements will neatly dovetail into your most recent marketing campaign.

2. Data Will Be the Key Driver of Design

Certainly good design, color and clear messages are the hallmarks of solid customized POP displays, but in 2019, you can expect to see those strategies clearly centered on data. Local trends, stock levels and figures gleaned from POS data will take the helm with merchandising decisions. Merchandisers will also be implementing figures from digital sales to influence how they tackle strategic decisions in their brick-and-mortar stores.

For example, if your store has multiple locations in one large city, you may discover from your online data that certain items sell better in some zip codes. You can base your merchandising—and your POP display—strategy around these figures.

3. POP Displays Will Feature More Interaction with Customers

Customers want more than a mere product—they want an experience. It’s why so many continue to shop at brick-and-mortar stores in the era of online shopping.  In fact, an estimated 61 percent of consumers prefer to touch the item or try it on before purchasing it, according to Inc. magazine.

This means it will be even more important for you to have your product on display where customers can touch it and feel actively engaged with it. Examples include a secure phone display or a video game console that consumers can “test drive” before purchasing. We firmly believe that 2019 will place a greater importance on “experiential” displays.

4. Calls-to-action Will Be More Prominent

A call-to-action (CTA) is a statement that prompts a user to take the next step, such as “pick one up” or “try it on today.” With all the noise in a crowded marketplace, these simple, yet direct initiatives carry influence.

5. Storytelling Is Much More Important

Customers don’t want to see a product, they want to experience a story. Promoting your new cordless drill is nice, but even better is to showcase the many DIY projects it can help with — projects in which the new cordless drill will be absolutely essential.

Not only does this mean that merchandisers will be more creative with this information-rich signage, but they will also use the signage to make product recommendations or even showcase how the product works.

6. More POP Displays Will Be Used at “Stores Within Stores”

Nordstrom and Target have followed this pattern by offering a special “pop-up” section of the store that features themed merchandise, whether it’s a one-stop shop for everything you need for a Fourth of July celebration or a “Santa’s workshop” of Christmas ornaments and holiday cookies. These pop-up stores need to have clear, concise and inviting customized POP displays to help draw customers.

7. In Terms of Design, Less Will Be More

Storytelling and prominent calls to action don’t mean that your POP displays will contain lots of extensive information. On the contrary, “less is more” may be the theme for 2019. Because consumers are already bombarded with information overload, it’s the simple, clear design that will win the day.

If you’re not sure what we mean by less is more, just speak to one of our experienced designers. We’ll be glad to work with you. 

McIntyre Manufacturing Group Is About Much More Than Following Trends

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