In-House Services at McIntyre Manufacturing Group

hardware and hand tool displaysYou can’t choose when inspiration hits you. Sometimes, it arrives at the most inopportune times, like when you don’t have a sketchbook or journal. Quickly, you reach for a napkin to jot down your idea before it escapes your mind. Your entire project depends upon this scribble of an idea, just a brief glance of inspiration.

Don’t worry, we’re prepared to help.

Our designers at McIntyre Manufacturing Group can create anything you can imagine for your POP displays. Whether it’s carefully crafted, detailed plans or a brief bit of inspiration scribbled onto a napkin, our sophisticated equipment and engineering team can transform your idea into reality.

For more than 30 years, we’ve been a valued member of the local business community, creating quality products crafted in the USA from our North Carolina facility. We specialize not only in POP displays, but in customized products. So if you need an unusual or irregular part that doesn’t exist, no worries—we can simply create it.

It’s simple to picture your finished display when you take a careful look at the in-house services offered at McIntyre Manufacturing Group.

Our talented designers understand your needs

Bring your idea to our engineers and designers. Whether you have a complete plan or just the start of an idea, we translate that into detailed CAD drawings that solidify your vision. We can even modify your design to save money without sacrificing quality.

Wire bending services

Have you ever been in this situation: You have a great store display that has been very effective; however, when it needs repair, the wire part you need is no longer produced? Or perhaps your product requires wire that is different from “standard,” mass-produced dimensions?

No problem.

We can produce everything, including wire hangers and intricate grids. Our 2D and 3D benders mean we can produce parts quickly and efficiently while still adhering to exact specifications. With extensive stock and manufacturing capabilities, you aren’t waiting for materials to arrive. We have a wide range of diameters that will perfectly fit your vision, whether you need a POP display at a cashier stand or a more elaborate kiosk for an exposition.

Welding services

We offer spot welding, MIG welding, and robotic MIG welding. This type of welding has several advantages, including:

  • It maximizes efficiency, meaning high-quality welds can be produced quicker than in other welding techniques
  • Its versatility means it can be used with a variety of metals and allows.
  • Long welds can be completed without continual starting or stopping.
  • Utilization of a gas shield produces very little weld splatter, meaning very little alloying elements are lost.

Powder coating

Have you considered the extensive advantages of using powder coating for your next POP display? Not only is powder coating extremely durable, but it’s more environmentally friendly than traditional liquid painting process.

Delivered as you need it, when you need it

It’s not enough for us to create a beautiful, flawless product. We want to provide it to our customers in the manner that best suits their needs. Our in-house fulfillment services mean we can install or include graphics. We even install any electronic components such as monitors or speakers. We can deliver our custom displays either completely assembled or in a kit. If you need a complete kit, we’ll deliver it along with detailed, easy-to-follow assembly instructions. Warehousing space is available for our clients with space limitations.

Working with you

Our clients are members of our team. We’re with you through the process every step of the way. Have questions? Contact us to discuss your project. We look forward to working with you and exceeding your expectations.

Since 1977, McIntyre Manufacturing Group has created custom-designed displays with an uncompromised dedication to customer service. We utilize the latest technology and attention to detail to create the finest products with excellent craftsmanship. If you can dream it, we can create it. Contact us to see how we can bring your vision to life.