Make Sure Your Custom Food and Snack Displays Get Noticed

Ordinary Food and Snack Display Racks Can Easily Get Lost Among the “Noise”

Gas stations and grocery stores are overflowing with competing products, with every display and snack rack vying for the customer’s attention. With such an extensive variety of snacks, foods, candy and produce, custom food and snack displays are the key to getting you noticed and increasing your food product’s sell through. 

Flexibility is also important, as changes may mean that you’ll have to relocate your product to another area of the store, and an ordinary display may not have the versatility needed to remain in the spotlight.

McIntyre Has Helped Hundreds of Companies with Successful Custom Food and Snack Displays

custom food and snack displays
McIntyre Displays Custom Food and Snack Display

A good custom design should do more than merely look pretty—it should net a sale. At McIntyre Manufacturing, we’re just as focused on results as we are on aesthetics, and we’re proud to say we have a great, award-winning track record of getting our clients noticed (which is one reason why we have so many repeat customers).

A customized display or perfectly crafted snack display rack also provides the flexibility you need to place your product at any location in your store. It also makes it simpler to refresh if you want to announce promotions or seasonal specials. 

It doesn’t matter what size the available space is—we can craft a display that matches any shape or size requirements, whether it’s for a specialty shop or “big box” retailers.

McIntyre’s Custom Food and Snack Rack Displays Are the Profitable Solution

Take advantage of our full array of custom food and snack display racks ranging from full end cap designs for grocery stores to countertop displays. They’re precisely designed to place your product in the perfect position to grab the customer’s attention with a potential to increase sales. 

Reasons to Select McIntyre for Your Product’s Retail Display

  • We provide a free design of your display units
  • We customize your display to fit any space
  • We make your display in America meaning you can depend upon products that are on time and within budget
  • We’ll always help you find the most economical solution—and show you ways to save money on your display through design modifications for efficient shipping and easy assembly 
  • Production-grade prototype of your display delivered to you so you can ensure your brand is represented accurately and your product fits
  • Our creative team and manufacturing staff collaborate closely to give you the best results
  • Our warehousing and distribution services are accurate and convenient

Get a Taste of What a Custom Food and Snack Display Can Do For You

Do you have a clearly outlined idea for your snack display rack project, or perhaps just a few ideas scribbled on a napkin? No problem. Whether you’re looking at produce bins or a display in “action alley,” we have the solution that will get you noticed and increase your sales. Take a look at the award-winning work we’ve done for our clients.

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