Protect Your Inventory With a Secure Display

It’s a sad fact of life: retailers lose millions of dollars each year due to shoplifting.

The National Association for Shoplifting Prevention has compiled a list of disturbing statistics:

  • An estimated 1 in 11 people shoplift.
  • Shoplifters are only caught once for every 48 times they steal.
  • On average, habitual shoplifters steal 1.6 times a week.
  • Shoplifters are turned over to the police only half of the time.
  • Ten million people have been caught shoplifting in the last five years.

This can have a huge impact on your display — particularly if you’re showcasing expensive items that can be tucked away or hidden under garments by clever thieves. Each year, shoplifting costs American retailers $10 billion.

Whether your display is featuring the latest set of high-end screwdrivers or the newest generation iPad, security is a vital part of a quality display.


How we help our clients ensure a secure display

Don’t let the size of your product lure you into a false sense of security. Shoplifters are most likely to steal when the opportunity presents itself — therefore, don’t give them the opportunity. Shoplifters have been known to try to snatch objects from as small as a cell phone to as bulky as a cordless drill.

What makes a secure display? We’ve utilized a variety of strategies to help our clients protect their inventory and gain new customers. Some of these strategies include:

  • Locking hooks for small rack items
  • Alarms
  • Secure stands for items such as cell phones and tablets
  • Tethers
  • Locked cases


Dependability and first-class design

There’s another important aspect of display security: The technique used to secure your items should not overwhelm or detract from the design of your display. Our talented engineers and designers are here to help you. We have a great track record of helping our clients create projects that are both attractive and functional. Take a look at our portfolio, particularly the pieces showcasing secure displays, such as our work for DeWalt and Milwaukee.

Your success is our success. Our long-standing tradition of stellar customer service and outstanding results place McIntyre Manufacturing in a class of our own. We’re still dedicated to the “old fashioned” values of hard work and treating others as we would like to be treated. It’s the reason we have so many loyal customers — and why we appreciate and value each of them.

We’ve helped retailers promote every type of product you can imagine. We will offer our professional expertise to not only secure your product, but also help secure your vision.

Want to learn more about permanent merchandise displays? We’ve got your covered.


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