It’s Not Too Early to Plan for Next Summer’s POP Display

The kids are back in school and the summer pictures of beach vacations and mountain hikes are recorded on your phone. Remember that it’s never too early to start planning the design for next summer’s POP display. With your June, July and August adventures fresh on your mind, it’s the perfect point to plan ahead now that you have some summer inspiration under your belt.

We’ve compiled some of the best ideas you should consider when planning your next summer themed POP display.

Take advantage of bright, bold, colors

Summer is a time of bright, vivid color, from the hues of beach umbrellas to the Caribbean blue of the ocean to the lush green forests that lure hikers and nature enthusiasts. Bright colors not only reflect the best of the season, but they also strongly affect consumer behavior.

There’s a lot of science to back this up. When our brains process color, they are more responsive to yellows, reds and greens and less responsive to colors like black and purple. They’re also more heavily influenced by the pure color as opposed to a shade or a tint of that color.

Use a dash of the outdoors in your summer themed display

Imagine a sunscreen display with carefully sculpted waves framing the product. Perhaps you’d prefer a display that is more reminiscent of a tiki hut. Either way, bright colors invite your consumer to action, and during summer, that action usually means enjoying the beach, camping or other outdoor activities. Connecting to the outdoors helps create a sense of summer and allows the shopper to project his or her emotions onto the display, inviting shoppers to take a closer look.

Use unusual shapes or curves to give a sense of motion

When the temperatures increase, activity does as well. Whether your children are home for the summer and gearing up for camp, or you’re planning that long-awaited vacation in Key West, summer is the time when families and couples are on the move. Let your display reflect that. You might want to implement fans or other moving parts to grab –and hold—shoppers’ attention.

Use a nautical theme

Whether your customers are planning a cruise to the Bahamas or they want to simply take the sailboat out on the water, a nautical theme will resonate with these customers. Navy stripes and solids can be tastefully complemented by bold splashes of red or other summer colors. The nautical theme also lends itself to a variety of display shapes shapes—such as an anchor or a ship’s steering wheel— that will make your POP display something out of the ordinary.

Quality point-of-purchase displays are a year-long venture

While summer is a perfect time to grab shoppers’ attention with innovative design, a good marketing strategy is an important element for sales throughout the year. Creating successful custom POP displays is a delicate balance of creativity, functionality, efficiency and affective advertising. We have the team with the diversity and expertise to make your vision reality no matter what time of year. Contact us—we’d love to discuss ideas with you!

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