Can a Fantastic POP Display Improve Customer Satisfaction?

Poor customer service comes with a huge price tag. 

According to Forbes magazine, poor customer service is costing businesses more than $75 billion each year. Compare that to the $13 billion reported in 2016, and one thing is clear:

Businesses need all the help they can get.

Granted, not every business has problems with customer service, but wouldn’t you want to use every advantage at your disposal? Custom POP displays can go a long way toward tipping the scales in your favor. 

What do customers want?

The Forbes article continues with some more sobering statistics:

Eighty-six percent of those surveyed said that if there was an emotional connection to the brand, product or service, they would continue to do business with them. The problem is that only 30 percent felt companies were making that connection.

The survey also indicates that customers:

  • Crave true connections to products
  • Want convenience
  • Need easy access to products 
  • Desire personalization
  • Demand immediacy
  • Want easy access to information
  • Desire person-to-person consumer relationships

While the internet is still the main source of product information, the consumer will often purchase the product in the store to satisfy that need for a personal connection. (We tackled this concept in our previous blog post “Are the Days of Brick-and-Mortar Stores Over? The Answer May Surprise You.”

The retail Shop! Association conducted research that shows almost 100 percent of customers make purchases based on emotion. It’s only after the purchase that they “justify” it.

How do custom POP displays improve customer satisfaction?

Think of your last in-store shopping experience. Were you able to find what you wanted easily?

When you found it, did you simply whisk it off the shelf or did you linger for a while, learning more about the product? 

What displays drew your eye when you entered the store? 

Were you able to interact with the product or was it locked away behind a glass counter?

Interaction is the key to great, innovative, custom POP displays. This leads to a good experience that can help your customer satisfaction. 

For example, don’t create a secure display for phones by locking them behind a case. Consumers need to get a feel for the shape, touch screen and other factors before they decide to purchase. Instead, place the products where customers can feel and touch them. Place them around a customer service kiosk where a sales clerk is readily available.

We recognize that every element of design is incorporated into producing this experience, from the psychology of color to ensuring it stands out among competitors. You also don’t have to sacrifice interaction for security—we’ve effectively created displays that were both accessible and secure at the same time.

For example, let’s take a look at one of our featured displays we did for Pure Fishing. Pure Fishing is an international company that produces an extensive variety of all types of fishing equipment, from rods to tackle and lures. With operations in 19 countries, the company has a workforce that is conversant in 28 different languages. 

We used a lighted display to draw the customer’s eye to the POP display. But even more important, we created an open design that encouraged the visitor to pick up a fishing rod and experience the feel and weight of the product. This created the emotional connection that lends itself to a positive customer experience. 

Important Trends in Custom POP Displays

To create an innovative display that capitalizes off of these customer service principles, it’s important to keep the following things in mind, according to information from research from the Shop! Association

  • Because stores are getting smaller, POP “real estate” is a valuable commodity. This limited space means that store displays and fixtures have to do more. There’s less room, so it’s even more important to spend the time, money and energy on customized POP displays that truly proclaim your brand story. 
  • Stores are constantly remodeling and changing, and creating custom POP displays that can be easily manipulated can work toward your advantage. 
  • Because in-store shopping is becoming more about the experience, displays need to be geared toward the retailer’s strategy—and quality customer service is almost always on the agenda. By doing so, you can help enhance the customer experience
  • In-store retailing is becoming more experiential. If you tap into that, you’ll increase customer satisfaction. 
  • Because retailers need to stand out from their competition, you may need to have different POPs for different locations and retailers. 

Conclusion: Implementing these best practices for custom POP displays can increase customer satisfaction

Think of it as a chain. Customers are drawn to the store for a product. Perhaps they found the product online but are looking for the in-store experience.

Then, they come into your store and are greeted by a display that provides the product in a manner that is easy to see, feel and touch. The POP display is not intrusive, meaning it has plenty of space for the customer to interact with the product and with sales people. 

The POP display draws upon elements of customer psychology to do more in a limited space. 

Already, your POP display has created a first impression. Now, the retail sales representatives need to “seal the deal” and provide the same level of professionalism that is illustrated by your custom POP displays. These elements work together, and to provide greater customer satisfaction, they must work in seamless harmony.

Remember, in order for your custom POP displays to help, they must:

  • Deliver a strong first impression
  • Indicate that you stand behind your product
  • Interact with the consumer
  • Be able to fit in limited retail space
  • Promote trust
  • Tell the brand story
  • Provide information consumers need

It’s a tall order for custom POP displays, but don’t worry—we have you covered.

McIntyre Manufacturing has the skills, integrity and materials you need

Customers come to us from all over the world. Sometimes, they have a clear vision and plan for what they want. Other times, they have a vague concept and would like the help of our creative and talented design engineers to craft the product. Regardless, we provide the stellar customer service that clients expect—the same service that has made us an industry leader for decades. Contact us to see how we can help. 


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